Celebrating EveryBODY



Fall time is the season for togetherness, friendship, and celebrations. We were going to meet at a park to set the scene for our halloween themed group boudoir shoot, but the rainy South Florida weather had different plans. One thing about this group of beautiful women, we are resilient! With Covid-19 precautions and a little help from champagne, we made it work in Boudior By Nikki’s indoor studio. We had an amazing time making new friends and celebrating everyBODY Halloween style. ~Mrs. M

It took one post. One picture. And a couple of clicks to decide to be part of this social experience. A moment to embrace our bodies. All our creative engines began to run, and pictures of sensual costumes began to appear on our feed. Fast forward to Saturday…on a rainy afternoon as our heels clashed into the rain puddles with costumes in tote, makeup and hair all done ready for our close ups. The door opens and what a beautiful sight to behold…a room full of divine women of all shapes, sizes, hair color and fashion style. Even better that we all embraced each other to live through this experience. Celebrating our individuality. Laughing like schoolgirls. Posing like queens. A moment captured behind a small lens of pure women empowerment. ~Ms. R

My feminine spirit is awakened and excited after these shoots and the bonds with the ladies is even better ~Ms. S

Miami Boudoir Photo Studio, Boudoir by Nikki works with an amazing team of Professional Hair and Makeup Artists. Here are two of the talented artists who I am grateful to have on our team. They pamper you before your session and help you feel comfortable while transforming you from everyday cutie to SLAAAAYYYYYYY!!! 

Honestly, before these last two shoots I usually feel some type of way about my body. This or that doesn’t even matter what it is... not to mention a feeling of I need me some girls. This shoot is like a body confidence boost among a strong female bond thing and I just love it so much. ~Ms. S

My heart is always full after our Body Positive photo shoots. It's amazing to see such beauty in everyone. Boudoir is something so special and so powerful! I love that these shoots bring girls together in such a positive and supportive way. Despite the weather and despite 2020, we made it work! Thank you for being a part of it and I can't wait for our next one! ~Nikki Watarz, Boudoir by Nikki

Miami, Florida

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